Gangdong and Jujeon Pebble Beach
Gangdong and Jujeon Pebble Beach present a remarkable scene of sparking black pebbles and white crashing waves.

The beaches are popular among couples and families as they provide a refreshing drive from Gangdong to Ilsan Beach, a deeply moving sunrise, and a picturesque scene of the port and the village. Their deep, clean waters also make them a favorite spot for scuba divers.


– Address :

[Gangdong Pebble Beach] 1598, Donghaean-ro, Buk-gu
[Jujeon Pebble Beach] 692, Donghaean-ro, Dong-gu

– Tel :

[Gangdong Pebble Beach] +82-52-241-7753 (Tourism and Ocean Development Division of Buk-gu Office)
[Jujeon Pebble Beach] +82-52-209-3534 (Marine Tourism Policy Office of Dong-gu Office)

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