The Taehwagang National Garden
One of Korea’s Top 12 Ecotourism Sites

Located on the shore of the Taehwagang River with its first-grade clean water, inhabited by various living creatures in the natural ecosystem and connected to the Simni Bamboo Grove with fresh and green bamboo trees, The Taehwagang National Garden (530,000 ㎡) is the only downtown park in Korea that has been designated as one of the top 12 ecotourism sites by the Ministry of Environment. It is cherished by citizens and tourists as a rest area and an ecological space that reminds them of the importance of nature and environment.

Major Attractions Simni Bamboo Grove, Grass and Flower Field, Silver Grass Field, Simnidaebatgyo Bridge, Migratory Bird Park, Taehwagang Observatory, etc.

In addition to the Simni Bamboo Grove, the Taehwagang River is a habitat for over 700 species of plants and animals such as white herons, swans, otters and raccoons, along with indigenous fish including salmon and sweetfish. Also, Taehwagang Migratory Bird Park located on the river’s estuary is the largest urban migratory bird sanctuary in Korea. You can participate in a variety of ecological experiential programs such as Migratory Bird School for each season, enjoying a spectacular view of white herons (about 8,000 birds) and crows (about 50,000 birds) flying together in the sky. In autumn, the sunset and the silver waves of the Silver Grass Field create a breathtaking landscape on the river’s estuary. Taehwagang


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