“ We aim to provide world-class training in biomedical engineering for next-generation leaders to improve human health and quality of life.“
BME is a Highly Interdisciplinary Discipline with Broad Applications
Biomedical engineering is one of the fastest growing engineering discipline.
We apply engineering tools in biological and medical sciences to advance healthcare for today, tomorrow, and beyond. With the broad backgrounds spanning biology, chemistry, medicine, physics, math, computer science, and engineering, BME majored students can work in so many areas – diagnostics, medicine, therapeutics, materials, devices, nanotechnologies, and many more. Training in UNIST BME will prepare you to tackle today’s challenge and beyond. Together, we can make changes in future healthcare.

1. Full financial support for all students
2. Global exchange programs
3. Global start-up programs for students
4. Strong foundation in the life science and engineering
5. Six cutting-edge topics for advanced coursework
6. All the lectures conducted in English
7. Many research opportunities in the lab and hospital
8. Build the team-based problem-solving skills through Capstone Project

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