Welcome Message

Welcome to Department of
Biomedical Engineering at UNIST

It is my pleasure to see the new chapter opening of the Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME) as a part of the newly organized College of BT-IT Convergence from September 1st, 2020.
BME is an exciting new discipline that applies science and engineering tools to solve biological and medical problems for human health.

UNIST BME is dedicated to excellent research and education.
Our world-class research groups both in basic and applied sciences offer outstanding opportunity for creative and multidisciplinary research to advance our knowledge and ultimately to deliver social impact in human health. The key expertise of UNIST BME is clearly demonstrated in six thrust areas including Biomedical Imaging, Regenerative Medicine and Rehabilitation, Brain Engineering, Precision Nanomedicine, Genomic Engineering, and Digital Healthcare. The undergraduate and graduate program of UNIST BME is designed to provide students with playgrounds to build strong foundation, to experience broad learning through cross-boundary collaboration among academia, clinics, and industry spanning diverse disciplines such as life sciences, medicine, and engineering.

Our world-renowned faculty members, outstanding students, and devoted staffs are all together building an ecosystem to achieve our vision; to advance human healthcare through creative and interdisciplinary research and education. We uniquely offer both undergraduate and graduate programs all in English. Together with cutting edge facilities and resources and various global exchange programs, our students prepare their future to be the next generation global leaders.

I encourage you to explore our website to learn more detailed information about us including individual faculty members and their exciting research, our excellent education programs, and more. Once again, welcome to UNIST BME.

Hyung Joon Cho, Ph.D.
Chair of Department