Ph.D. Student at Georgia Tech

B.S. Technology Management, 2014
M.S. Human Factors Engineering, 2016

What is your current job?

I’m a Ph.D. student at Georgia Tech in Cognition and Brain Science program.

What makes you good at your job?

I always think about myself, such as what I like and how I can develop myself or work. That helps me to recognize what I can improve myself more.

Why did you choose UNIST BME/HFE?

I wanted to study how humans recognize objects and how we can utilize the knowledge to make the world a better place. UNIST HFE was the perfect fit for my interest because of the program’s interdisciplinary nature in research that links human and engineering

What do you like most about UNIST BME/HFE and why?

While I was in UNIST HFE, I could feel great support from the professors. The professors think of how to make the program better. They are also open to listening to students’ voices, so I felt close to the professors and could knock on their office without hesitation.

What have you enjoyed the most during your stay at UNIST BME/HFE?

The graduate student cohort of the HFE was very friendly and close.  Our research areas were all slightly different. However, we were able to share our concerns and thoughts as graduate students freely. I still contact them even though now most of us left UNIST and are located

What was the most important things that you learned at UNIST BME/HFE that make you a success in your career?

Collaboration and supportive manner. Not many works can be done by a single person’s effort, especially when you want to achieve something great. I believe a great research idea that looks like come from an individual also might have come from accumulated interactions with others. I learned at UNIST HFE that if I want to do something significant, I need others’ help, and I also need to be helpful to others.

What is your ultimate career goal?

I am currently open to both academia and industry, but I want to keep researching the human brain. Specifically, I want to study how human sensory information transfers to the other region in the brain, and utilize the information to come up with higher cognitive thoughts.