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The signing ceremony of MoU between UNIST and Seoul Rehabilitation Hospital took place on December 12, 2023.

UNIST and Seoul Rehabilitation Hospital (SRH) have recently announced their collaboration to jointly develop and research digital healthcare-based rehabilitation medical technology. The partnership was formalized in a ceremony held at UNIST on December 12, 2023.

The main objective of this collaboration is to facilitate joint research on various technologies and demonstrations in the field of rehabilitation. A key focus will be placed on the development of rehabilitation medical platform services centered around the functional research center of SRH.

Seoul Rehabilitation Hospital, established in 1998 under Angel’s Haven, a social welfare corporation, has established itself as one of the leading rehabilitation hospitals in Korea. It is renowned for introducing clinical rehabilitation robots for the first time in the country and holds the distinction of being the only public rehabilitation hospital in the Seoul metropolitan area designated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

Through this partnership, UNIST aims to gain access to demonstration opportunities, including the diagnosis and prevention technology of the UNIST Smart Healthcare Research Center, rehabilitation aids, such as rehabilitation robots, and AI-based digital healthcare services.

The signing ceremony was attended by several key figures, including President JoonHo Cho of Angel’s Haven, President JiSun Lee of Seoul Rehabilitation Hospital (SRH), President Yong Hoon Lee of UNIST, Vice President Jaiyong Lee, Director Sung Chul Bae of the UNIST Graduate School of Health Science and Technology, and other relevant representatives.

UNIST has been actively strengthening its collaborations with medical institutions and bio ventures in the digital healthcare field. In December 2022, the UNIST Graduate School of Health Science and Technology formed partnerships with Sejong Hospital, a specialized hospital in cardio-cerebrovascular diseases, and Medical AI, an organization specializing in artificial intelligence heart failure diagnosis technology. Additionally, UNIST signed an MOU with Eswatini Medical Christian University (EMCU) in June 2023 to advance research and development in the diagnosis and treatment technology of cardio-cerebrovascular diseases.