Assistant Professor

Rm 801-13, Bldg 110

Neural Interfaces and Semiconductor Optoelectronics Lab

 Neural interface devices 


Our research lap specializes in the development of innovative neural interface devices using advanced nanoscale semiconductor processing techniques. Our primary goal is to advance the field of neural interrogation and modulation by creating cutting-edge neural interface technology that enables precise and accurate electrical stimulation and monitoring of the brain and nervous system, down to the level of individual neurons. Through this research, we aim to deepen our understanding of neural dynamics and how we monitor and control them, opening new possibilities for treating neurological disorders and expanding our knowledge of the brain and nervous system.  

Curriculum Vitae

-2023~Present: Assistant Professor, UNIST

-2018-2023: Postdoc, University of California, San Diego

Academic Credential

-2018: Ph.D. Physics, Seoul National University

-2011: B.S., Physics, Seoul National University