Research Institute Director, Clinomics Inc.

Ph.D. Biomedical engineering, 2017

What is your current job?

I am a research institute director of Clinomics Inc. that is a genomics/multi-omics specialized company. In the Clinomics, I have researched and developed many genetic test services regarding human diseases and phenotypes.

Why did you choose UNIST BME/HFE?

My PI, Prof. Jong Bhak was a reason why I chose UNIST BME. Prof. Jong Bhak and I had conducted many genome projects for years, and I would like to research more with Prof. Jong Bhak. Also, I would like to study/research genome technologies in various areas and their applications in the UNIST BME.

What do you like most about UNIST BME/HFE and why?

It was best to be able to study various fields of genomic technology.

What was the most important things that you learned at UNIST BME/HFE that make you a success in your career?

The most important learning was to operate and experience a large-scale genome project through the Ulsan 10K genome project. Prof. Jong Bhak and I initiated the project, and the large-scale genome project is one of the most important things in the genomics fields. Through the experience, I am currently working on commercialization of genetic testing.

What is your ultimate career goal?

My career goal is to establish a genome-specialized company using my experience.