CEO, PuriMedi Inc.

B.S. Biomedical Engineering (2016~current)

Hello, my name is Dong-Yong Lee. I founded a medi tech business ‘PuriMedi Inc’ as an undergraduate student at UNIST. PuriMedi is working on developing AI-based cancer diagnostic software looking at the interplay between tumor microenvironment and metabolism in the small volume of blood. In 2018-2019, we validated the core technology (with 270K public clinical DB) collaborating with Stanford Medical School, Facebook AI Accelerating programme, Plug and Play Tech Center. And we could finally take the explorative clinical trial with help from professor Jin-Myoung Joo. In 2020, PuriMedi and Prof. Joo successfully fundraised around 1M USD for the multicenter trials and currently seven medical institutions and hospitals are participating in the clinical test. I believe that UNIST BME is the best environment for me to grow up as an innovative and entrepreneurial-minded biomedical engineer.