M.S. Biomedical Engineering (2019~current)

When I was a senior at the University of Colorado, my advisor told me about the research of Korean professors who worked with him before at Harvard University, and I heard it with great interest. After I graduate, I was looking for a graduate school where I can further study the biomedical field, I found those Korean professors that I heard before are at the UNIST biomedical engineering department, that finding brought me to decide to enter a master’s program at UNIST. After I got into school, I liked that I could conduct valuable research, which is closely related to the medical field, and especially it was nice to learn many different things from the active research collaboration. I did not intend to finish my Ph.D. here in UNIST biomedical engineering department, but now I think this place fits me better than expected and I am working hard to pursue my Ph.D. degree.