UNIST Signs Cooperation MoU with IBS Center for Cognition and Sociality

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The signing ceremony of MoU between UNIST and IBS took place on October 8, 2021.

UNIST and IBS have joined hands to nurture and support scientific talents in the field of brain science.

On October 8, UNIST signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with IBS to ensure the successful operation of a scholarship program, jointly run by the UNIST Department of Biomedical Engineering and the IBS Center for Cognition and Sociality.

The newly-established scholarship program, known as ‘UNIST-IBS Neuroscience Scholarship’ aims to foster excellent talent in the field of brain science and create global research results. Academic scholarship students can gain research experience by going back and forth between the two institutions as a course that completes basic education at university and conducts major research at research institutes.

Within the Department of Biomedical Engineering at UNIST, about 24 full-time faculty members are currently focusing on research on bioimaging, regenerative rehabilitation, brain cognitive engineering, customized diagnosis and treatment, genome engineering, and digital healthcare. Among them, six faculty members boast world-class research skills in the field of brain cognitive engineering.

Based on physiological and molecular mechanisms centered on astrocytes, the IBS Center for Cognition and Sociality has established various brain disease models, such asAlzheimer’s disease (AD) and Parkinson’s disease (PD), spinal cord damage, and epilepsy to study cognitive functions, build diagnostic techniques, and establish treatment strategies.

The UNIST-IBS Neuroscience Scholarship will begin its operation for the 2022 Spring semester. New students will be recruited via the early recruitment this year from October 12 to 22, 2021. About 10 recipients will be selected by the scholarship committee, each year.  The selected students will be financial aid that includes full-tuition waiver.

Meanwhile, the MoU signing ceremony has been attended by UNIST President Yong Hoon Lee, Dean Jae-Young Sim (College of Information and Biotechnology, UNIST), Dean Ji Hyun Kim (Academic Affairs, UNIST), Chair Woonggyu Jung (Department of Biomedical Engineering, UNIST), IBS President Do Young Noh, and Director Chang Jun Lee (enter for Cognition and Sociality, IBS).