UNIST Signs Cooperation MoU with Eswatini Medical Christian University

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UNIST has taken a significant step towards combating women’s cancer on the African continent by signing an MOU with Eswatini Medical Christian University (EMCU) on June 28, 2023. The primary purpose of this partnership is to enhance cooperation in the diagnosis and treatment of cervical cancer, marking the beginning of a promising initiative.

Under this agreement, UNIST will lead research and development efforts in cervical cancer diagnosis and treatment technologies, while EMCU will provide a clinical test bed for these advancements.

The ultimate goal for UNIST is to expand similar projects throughout sub-Saharan Africa. This region faces a high burden of cervical cancer, with 18 out of the top 20 countries worldwide with highest prevalence rates concentrated there according to WHO 2018 statistics. Notably, Eswatini serves as the starting point for this project due to its alarming prevalence rate.

The signing ceremony took place at UNIST headquarters and was attended by officials from both organizations. The agreement was officially signed between by Director Sung Chul Bae of UNIST Graduate School of Health Science and Technology and President Seung-Hun Yang of Eswatini Medical Christian University.