Yoon-Kyoung Cho


Rm 308, Bldg 103


Lab-on-a-Chip | Precision Medicine | Nanomaterials

The main research theme in YK Cho’s research group is focused on the development of lab-on-a-chip system with fundamental understanding of bio-molecular interactions and fluidic behavior in micro/nano scales. A family of unique microfluidic platforms are utilized to probe cells with unprecedented precision and to have systems understanding of cellular communications in tumor microenvironment. Current research topics include a lab-on-a-disc for the detection of rare cells, exosomes, and cancer biomarkers, quantitative analysis of single cells, and system analysis of cell to cell communication.

Curriculum Vitae

– 2016-Present Group leader, IBS center for soft and living matter, Full Prof., BME, Life Science, UNIST

– 2015-2016 Group leader, IBS center for soft and living matter, Associate Prof., BME, Life Science, UNIST

– 2013-2015 Director of BK21 Plus

– 2010-2015 Assoc. Prof. and Chair, School of Life Sciences (Nano-Bioscience & Chemical Eng.) UNIST

– 2009-2013 Director of WCU program

– 2008-2010 Assist. Prof. Chair, School of Nano-Bioscience & Chemical Eng., UNIST

– 1999-2008 Senior Researcher, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) 

Academic Credential

– 1999 Ph. D. Mat. Sci. & Eng., Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA.

– 1994 M. S. Chem. Eng., POSTECH, Korea

– 1992 B. S. Chem. Eng., POSTECH , Korea


– 2019-now Chemical and Biological Microsystmes Society, Board of directors

– 2019-now Lab Chip, Associate Editor

– 2019 National Top 100 R&D Performances, Ministry of Science and ICT, Korea

– 2018 Presidential Advisory Council on Science & Technology, member

– 2017 Ministry commendation, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Korea

– 2016-now Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry

– 2012 Faculty of the Year Award, UNIST

– 2011 Minister Award, Ministry of Knowledge Economy

– 2010 Korean Woman Engineer of the Year

– 2009 NRF Award for Young Mentors, Korea

– 2004, 2007 SAMSUNG CEO’s Award for Best Technology Achievement of the Year, Samsung

– 1998 The Racheff Award, UIUC, USA