Woonggyu Jung​

Associate Professor

Rm,701-9, Bldg 110

Translational Biophotonics Lab

Biophotonics | Digital Medicine | Translational Research

The mission of TBL is to develop innovative bio-instruments that address challenges in medicine, biological and neuroscience research. While the term “bench-to-bedside” is most often associated with translational research process, our objective of changing healthcare service is to not only be translational, but also transformational. In order to accomplish this goal, TBL has pursued an interdisciplinary research integrating photonics, medicine, neuroscience, biology, and multiple engineering fields. Activities of TBL span in a wide range of topics such as multi-scale optical imaging, image-guided tissue engineering, optical neuronal stimulation and mobile-based medical device development. We also endeavor to commercialize mature TBL technologies via licensing or through start-up companies.

Curriculum Vitae

– 2008: Ph.D Biomedical Engineering University of California, Irvine

– 2009-2011: Postdoctoral Fellow Beckman Institute, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

– 2012-2016: Assistant Professor Biomedical Engineering, UNIST

– 2016-Current: Associate Professor Biomedical Engineering, UNIST

– 2015-2019: CTO, Conecson

– 2019-Current: Chair of BME

Academic Credential


– Member of OSA

– Member of OSK

– Member of SPIE

– Member of IEEE