Sung Chul Bae


Rm. 701-6 Bldg 110

Laser Applications in BME

Optical imaging biomarker | Digital healthcare |
Laser tissue interaction

Curriculum Vitae

– 2023.03-present Head of Graduate School of Health Science and Technology of the College of Information and Biotechnology

– 2023.03-present Professor, UNIST

– 2020-2022.01 Dean of Budget and Planning, UNIST

– 2020-present Board Member, UNIST Holdings

– 2017-2020 CEO and Founder, UNIST Holdings

– 2016-2020 Board Member, Mirae Holdings

– 2015-2020 Dean of University-Industry Relations, UNIST

– 2020-present Director, Global R&D Center for Organ Mimetics, UNIST

– 2014-2019 Director, Technology Licensing Office and Business Incubation Center, UNIST

– 2013-present Assoc. Prof., Department of Biomedical Engineering, UNIST

– 2011-2016 Vice President and Co-founder, Accendo Systems, LLC, USA

– 2009-2011 President and Co-founder, Numentek America, Inc., USA

– 2001-2013 Research Scientist (Visiting Assistant Professor, Postdoctoral Fellow), Department of Materials Science and Engineering, UIUC, USA

– 2000-2001 Senior Scientist, Center for Superfunctional Materials, POSTECH

– 1999-2000 Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, UIUC

– 1997-1999 Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Superfunctional Materials, POSTECH

Academic Credential

– 1997 Ph. D. Chemistry, POSTECH, Korea

– 1993 M. S. Chemistry, POSTECH, Korea

– 1991 B. S. Chemistry, POSTECH , Korea