Jong Hwa Bhak


Rm 301-8, Bldg 110

Genome Lab

Bioinformatics l Genomics l Aging

Genome lab performs research on genomes using bioinformatics. Genome Lab is a part of KOGIC. KOGIC is focused on the research and development on all kinds of diseases and aging (Geromics). Wet lab experiments and data production accompanied by bioinformatics technologies are also included. Broadly, we perform multi-omics analysis. We build various reference and standard in genomics. Our lab’s final goal is curing aging using omics technologies.

Curriculum Vitae

– 2018-Present: Co-CEO, Clinomics Inc, Korea.

– 2014-Present: Professor, BME, UNIST

– 2009-2014: President & Research Institute Director, Theragen Etex Inc

– 2005-2009: Founder & 1st Director, Korean Bioinformation Center(KOBIC)

– 2003-2005: Associate Professor, Department of Biosystems Engineering, KAIST

– 2001-2003: Group leader, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, University of Cambridge

Academic Credential

– 1999: Harvard Medical School, George Church Lab. Postdoc. Bioinformatics

– 1997: University of Cambridge, Ph.D., Bioinformatics

– 1994: University of Aberdeen, BSc. Biochemistry