Dongil Chung

Associate Professor

Rm 1001-9, Bldg 104

Decision Neuroscience & Cognitive Engineering Lab

Decision Neuroscience | Social interaction |
Computational Psychiatry

Research in our lab focuses on the neural and psychological foundations of valuation and decision-making. To date, our research has examined social and economic decision behaviors in two streams of inquiry: (i) neural basis of value-based and social decision-making, and (ii) abnormalities of decision-making in psychopathology. Our work takes a multidisciplinary approach that integrates methods from behavioral economics, neuroimaging, decision neuroscience, social psychology, computational modeling, and machine learning.

Curriculum Vitae

– 2022~Present: Associate Professor, UNIST

– 2018~2022: Assistant Professor, UNIST

– 2018~2020: Research Faculty, Fralin Biomedical Research Institute

– 2014~2017: Sr. Research Associate, Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute

– 2011~2014: Postdoctoral Associate, Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute

Academic Credential

– 2011: Ph.D. Bio and Brain Engineering, KAIST

– 2006: B.S. BioSystems (Biomedical Engineering), KAIST


– Selected attendee for Perspectives and Future Directions in Social Neuroscience (2014)

– Selected attendee for Professional Development Workshop (2014)

– Best paper award, Dept. of Bio and Brain Engineering, KAIST (2012)

– Selected discussant for Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) decision making workshop (2008)