"UNIST is a perfect place where I can learn, make, and innovate to create the future of healthcare together"


Apartment style UNIST dormitory is located in the cozy forest having lots of advanced facilities.
There are laundry rooms, cafeteria, convenience store, study room, etc. All the UNIST students and researchers are available to live in dormitory.


We acknowledge that physical and emotional health are important and affect our ability to engage productively in our work. In addition to fitness center on campus, UNIST provides services for the physical and mental well-being such as psychiatric clinic and group therapy in Healthcare Center

Integration & leadership

As a community of scholars and practitioners, students unite through BME student organizations to enact shared values and responsibilities. BME student organization values the uniqueness of people and perspectives, and we celebrate people’s differences, talents, and abilities.

Student club

We encourage BME student to participate the student club for learning and broaden your skill and improve communicate skill with both individuals and large groups. In average one student joins 1.8 student clubs in BME.

Family-friendly campus

UNIST campus was selected as a family-friendly certified campus. Workplace daycare center are some examples of the family-friendly policy. It provides high quality childcare that is responsive to the needs of families within the UNIST community for free.