UNIST BME offers MS, PhD, and combined MS/PhD in Biomedical Engineering programs. We expect students to have strong background in BME research area of interest, which can be supported by their GPA or other proof. Because our field is diverse and interdisciplinary, communication skills are also important.
For admission, applicants must pass the interview session, which will be offered to successful students in first round selection process. We strongly recommend to contact the faculty you are interested in for a consult before the application.

UNIST Admission
For all information on graduate admissions at UNIST, see the UNIST admission site.

If You Are Interested in BME Graduate Program
  • UNIST Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (U-SURF) provides the provides the opportunity
    to experience interdisciplinary research during the summer vacation in a laboratory and selects outstanding 3rd
    or 4th year undergraduate students from across the Korea.

  • UNIST operates summer course, research and culture exploration combined program under the name of
    SPIKE(Summer Program of Internship and Korean Experience) every summer to improve student exchange experience
    with foreign outstanding universities

  • Join ‘BME NIGHT event’ at the end of year. Meet and interact with BME faculty members and students.
    Event will be updated soon.