Accelerating the Journey to Smart Healthcare with Smart Voiding Diary !

Design team led by Professor Kim Hwang and Professor Jung Dooyoung won iF DESIGN AWARD 2020 for communication design

The prize-winning design team for PRIVY; Professor Kim Hwang (left), Jin HyoJeong, Lee JiYoung, Kim DoKyung, and Professor Jung DooYoung.


The design work by Professor Kim Hwang (Graduate School of Creative Design Engineering) and Professor Jung Dooyoung (School of Design and Human Engineering), graduate students Kim DoKyung, Lee JiYoung, and Jin HyoJeong, have recently been recognized for their design excellence at the iF DESIGN AWARD 2020. These were acknowledged in the communication design for providing compelling online experiences and conveniences in areas of healthcare. The design has been jointly proposed by the SSID Design Lab and the Healthcare Lab at UNIST.


PRIVY Mobile Application (left) and Web Dashboard for Hospital (right)

Soundable Health

PRIVY is a mobile voiding diary application that assists people in quickly monitoring their urinary health via smartphones, without the need for urine specimen cups or log sheets. This novel service is based on the AI-enabled sound monitoring technology from Soundable Health Inc. (CEO Catherine Song). The team designed UI and UX of mobile voiding diary to boost self-awareness and participation for patients, as well as the dashboard designs for medical professionals.

A voiding diary is a daily record of the patient’s bladder activity, which records the frequency and volume of urine fluid, subjective symptoms and other information, such as urgency, pain, incontinence episodes, and pad usage. Voiding diaries are helpful as a pretherapy diagnostic tool, yet this can cause considerable inconvenience to patients as they have to bring scaled cup to the restroom every time, wash it, and reuse the cup for 4 days.


Soundable Health Inc. is expected to drastically improve the existing voiding diary system with its AI-enabled technology that recording the sound of urine flow on a smartphone. Unlike ordinary voiding diaries, PRIVY provides patients and health care providers with clinical-grade readings using only smartphones. Besides, its intuitive design allows patients to easily track and monitor their urine symptoms that often lead to chronic disorders. Through this, patients can better understand their voiding patterns, thus assisting in an early diagnosis.


A design patent application for PRIVY has been filed and it can be downloaded through both the Google Play Store and iPhone App Store. It currently has nearly 2,000 active users, including over at least between 100 and 200 doctors. “We are waiting for the day when it is actually introduced to the hospital,” adding, “We would like to thank doctor Cho Jung-Ho from Goldman Urology Clinic, doctor Doo Jin-Kyung from Uh’s Urology Clinic, and doctor Kim Jong-Geun  from Hallym University Dongtan Sacred Heart Hospital, who readily responded to the interview.”