Research Overview

“For healthy and happy living and aging”The research scope of the BME (Biomedical Engineering) of UNIST is broad and ambitious. It covers all the key biological, chemical, mechanical, optical, materials, and informatics technologies to tackle the most challenging problems such as cancer and neuro-degenerative diseases that prevent us from healthy and happy living and aging.

The BME researchers focus on the practical application of engineering principles to intelligently design and precisely manipulate biological systems as well as understanding fundamental biological phenomena by employing the most creative and unconventional view points. We develop cutting-edge technologies by merging engineering, science, and even arts principles and techniques.

“Excellency through merging disciplines” In the BME department, almost all the research grants and projects conducted are multi-disciplinary, encompassing biomedical devices, biomedical imaging, informatics, nano-fabrication, chemical and systems engineering. Teamwork is the driving force of the department and synthesizing new ideas and products are encouraged relentlessly.

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