Full Time Faculty

Name / Research Fields / Location / Contact Research Area
Amblard, Francois Biological Physics AMRB(103)-311 / +82-52-217-5523 Biomedical Devices
Bae, Sung Chul Multiscale optical imaging in space and time domain, therapeutic applications of lasers EB4(110) 701-6 / +82-52-217-2553 Biomedical Imaging
Bhak, Jong Genomics, Bioinformatics, Aging EB4(110) 301-8 / +82-52-217-5329 (010-4644-6754) Biosystems Engineering
Cho, HyungJoon Magnetic Resonance physics and engineering, Imaging assisted biology SCRB(105) / +82-52-217-2520 Biomedical Imaging
Cho, Yoon-Kyoung Lab-on-a-chip, Biosensors, Surfaces and Interfaces, Microfluidics, Nanorheology AMRB(103) 308 / +82-52-217-2511 Biomedical Devices
Ghim, Cheol-Min Biochemical Information Processing, Theoretical Biophysics EB4(110) 801-7 / +82-52-217-2517 Biosystems Engineering
Jung, Woonggyu Optical imaging, Fiber optic sensor, Early disease detection, Wound-healing monitoring EB4(110) 701-9 / +82-52-217-2542 Biomedical Devices
Biomedical Imaging
Kang, Hyun-Wook 3D Bioprinting, Tissue engineering and Regenerative medicine, Body-on-a-chip SCRB(105) 224 / +82-52-217-2527 Biomedical Devices
Kang, Joo Hun Biomedical devices, Infectious disease, Organ-on-a-chip, Microfluidics, Mechanobiology EB4(110) 801-10 / +82-52-217-2595 Biomedical Devices
Kim, Hajin Single Molecule Biophysics, Dynamics of Chromosomes, Transcription Dynamics, Ribosome Assembly, Intrinsically Disordered Proteins, Dynamics of Mitochondrial Gene Population EB4(110) 701-7 / +82-52-217-2557 Biomedical Imaging
Kim, Jeong Beom Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Neurology SCRB(105)-220 / +82-52-217-5201 Biomedical Devices
Kwon, Taejoon Functional genomics to understand human disease EB4(110) 701-8 / +82-52-217-2583 Biosystems Engineering
Lee, Semin Cancer genomics & single-cell genomics EB4(110) 301-7 / +82-52-217-2663 Biosystems Engineering
Park, Jung-Hoon Biomedical Optics EB4(110) 701-5 / +82-52-217-2556 Biomedical Imaging
Park, Tae-Eun Organ on a chip, Organoid, Biomaterials, Precision medicine, DDS EB4 801-11 / +82-52-217-2614 Biomedical Devices

Joint Affiliation

Name / Research Fields / Location / Contact Research Area
Lee, Chang Young Nanomaterials, Neuroengineering, Analytical Chemistry EB1(104)-601-8 / +82-52-217-2547 Biomedical Devices
Lee, Sung Kuk Biofuels, Synthetic Biology EB1-601-7 / +82-52-217-2514 Biosystems Engineering
Myung, Kyung Jae Genetics and Molecular Biology AMRB(103)-208 / +82-52-217-5323 Biosystems Engineering

Visiting Chair-Professor

Name / Research Fields / Location / Contact Research Area
Ha, Taekjip Single-Molecule Biophysics

Visiting Professor

Name / Research Fields / Location / Contact Research Area
Kang, Hyun-Deok Biomedical Device Design EB4(110) 701-12 / Biomedical Devices
Madou, Marc J Medical Diagnostics, Micro-Battery Development, Drug Delivery Systems Biomedical Devices
Soper, Steven A Micro- and nano-fabrication, Lab-on-a-chip, Polymeric Microfluidic Devices Biomedical Devices
Takayama, Shuichi Micro/nanofluidics, Cellular Network and Microenvironment Engineering, Aqueous Two Phase Systems Biomedical Devices

Adjunct Professors

Name / Research Fields / Location / Contact Research Area
Joon You Leader in innovations and commercialization of emerging biomedical technologies Biosystems Engineering