[Notice] 2015 Biophysics Summer School: Information Processingn in Life

We live in an exciting era for life science. Advanced tools for observing life and accumulated information of biological systems give great opportunities for unveiling what life is. This school aims to encourage the next generation of biophysicists by introducing fundamental questions in life, experimental tools for observing life, and theoretical/computational methods for integrating data. Our school has introduced Information of Life (click) in 2014. Now we will explore Information Processing in Life. In particular, the information flow in the immune system will be much discussed.

Time: July 6 (Mon) – 8 (Wed), 2015
Place: APCTP Head quarter, 512 Seminar Room, POSTECH, Pohang
Participants: 40 undergraduate students (accommodation and meals supported)

Invited Speakers:
Prof. Wokyung Sung (POSTECH) Between statistical physics and biophysics
Prof. Ha Youn Lee (University of Southern California) Theoretical approaches toward HIV vaccine designs and incidence estimates
Prof. Jong-Bong Lee (POSTECH) Target searching and signaling on DNA
Prof. Nam Ki Lee (POSTECH) Journey to the cell: seeing dynamics in living cell by fluorescence imaging
Prof. Junsang Doh (POSTECH) T cell migration: biophysical perspectives
Prof. Joo-Yeon Yoo (POSTECH) Signal transduction of immune response
Prof. Jae Ho Cho (IBS) Self-recognition for T cell homeostasis and function
Prof. Seung-Woo Lee (POSTECH/IBS) Gut microbiota and the immune cell regulation
Prof. Junghyo Jo (APCTP) The generation of diversity

Organizers: APCTP-POSTECH Biophysics Groups
(Profs. Wokyung Sung, Seunghwan Kim, Jong-Bong Lee, Nam Ki Lee, Woo Sung Jung, YongSeok Jho, Pan-Jun Kim, and Junghyo Jo)
Please click HERE for your registration! (~6.26)

Contact: Junghyo Jo (Tel: 054-279-1345, Email:

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