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Title / SpeakerTime / Place
20-nm resolution imaging of brain circuitry by next-generation expansion microscopy
Jae-Byum Chang  
09.11.2016 4:20 PM
Room N104, Bldg 110
Vascular Immune Cell Network in the Pathogenesis of Atherosclerosis
Goo Taeg Oh (Ewha Womans University)  
09.06.2016 4:00 PM
Engineering Building E104
Immune responses and immunopathology in acute and chronic viral hepatitis
Eui-Cheol Shin (KAIST)  
18.11.2016 12:00 AM
Engineering Building E104
The SWI/SNF Chromatin RemoThe SWI/SNF Chromatin Remodeling Complex, Lymphocyte Differentiation, and Tumordeling Complex, Lymphocyte Differentiation, and Tumor
Seong, Rho Hyun (Seoul National University)  
26.05.2016 4:00 PM
Engineering Building E104
The Phagocytic role of astrocytes in syrapse elimination
Won Suk Chung Ph.D (KAIST)  
12.05.2016 4:00 PM
Engineering Building E104
Somatic mutations reveal asymmetric cellular dynamics in the early human embryo
Young Seok Ju Ph.D (KAIST)  
28.04.2016 4:00 PM
Engineering building E104
TRAIP/RNF206 is required for recruitment of RAP80 to sites of DNA damage
Hong Tae Kim Ph.D (Department of Biological Science Sungkyunkwan University)  
14.04.2016 4:00 PM
Engineering building 1st E104
Ubiquitin and Its Cousins in Cancer and Chemotherapeutic Responses
Young Joo Jeon Ph.D (Dept. of Medical Sciences, Chungnam National University College of Medicine)  
07.04.2016 4:00 PM
Engineerig Building 1st E104
Data-Driven Drug Discovery (D4) towards Precision Medicine
Wan Kyu Kim Ph.D (Ewha Woman’s University)  
31.03.2016 4:00 PM
Engineering Building 1st E104
Phasing-based filtering of cancer somatic mutation calls in next generation sequencing
Sang Soo Kim Ph.D (Soong-sil University)  
24.03.2016 4:00 PM
Engineering Building 1st E104
Development of natural drug candidate for asthma/COPD from Korean plant sources
Sei-Ryang Oh Ph.D (Natural Medicine Research Center, KRIBB)  
17.03.2016 4:00 PM
Engineering building 1st E104
Metabolic Roles of Forkhead Transcription Factor O1 (FoxO1) in Dopaminergic Neurons
Ki Woo Kim Ph.D (Departments of Pharmacology and Global Medical Science, Wonju College of Medicine, Yonsei University)  
10.03.2016 4:00 PM
Engineering Building 1st E104
[SLS Colloquium] Alternative Splicing and Transcriptional Regulation of Functional Genes by Transposable Elements
Heui-Soo Kim, Ph.D. (Department of Biological Sciences, Pusan National University)  
03.12.2015 4:00 PM
[SLS Colloquium] Cytoskeletal control of force generation during collective cell movement in vivo
Asako Shindo, Ph.D. (Nagoya University)  
26.11.2015 4:00 PM
EB1 E104
[SLS Colloquium] Ubiquitin Machineries in The DNA Damage Response Network
Michael S. Y. Huen, Ph.D. (School of Biomedical Sciences, The University of Hong Kong)  
24.11.2015 4:00 PM
BAB 111
[SLS Colloquium] Genomics approach for precision medicine of colorectal cancer
Seon-Young Kim, Ph.D. (KRIBB)  
19.11.2015 4:00 PM
[SLS Colloquium] Hippo signaling and Stem Cell
Dae-Sik Lim, Ph.D. (KAIST)  
12.11.2015 4:00 PM
[SLS Colloquium] Comprehensive rules for functional microRNA targeting
Daehyun Baek, Ph.D. (School of Biological Sciences, Seoul National University)  
05.11.2015 4:00 PM
[SLS Colloquium] Molecular Geometry and Its Operating System: A New Challenge and Opportunity
Deok-Soo Kim, Ph.D. (Voronoi Diagram Research Center/School of Mechanical Engineering, Hanyang University)  
22.10.2015 4:00 PM
[SLS Colloquium] Novel Tumor Suppressor 15-Hydroxyprostaglandin dehydrogenase in Cancer and Regeneration
Seung-Jae Myung, M.D.,Ph.D (University of Ulsan College of Medicine)  
15.10.2015 4:00 PM


Title / SpeakerTime / Place
[BME Special Seminar] Understanding Gene Regulation From Genetic Variants To Higher Order Chromatin Structure
Inkyung Jung, Ph. D. (Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research 9500 Gilman Drive, La Jolla, CA, USA)  
20150317 3:00 pm
[SLS Special Lecture] Induction of Stem Cell Multi-and Pluripotency
Hans Scholer, Ph.D.  
20141001 4:00 pm
AMRB 113
Spatial Organization of CatSper Channels Controls Tyrosine Kinase Cascade in the Sperm Flagella
Jean-Ju Chung, Ph.D (Children's Boston Hospital, Harvard Medical School)  
20140722 4:00 pm