[Life Sciences] Research Internship for 2014 Summer Session

● Life Sciences accepts applications of an SLS research internship for undergraduate students with passion and challenging spirit.

● It is an opportunity to participate in a research with world-class faculty members during 2014 summer session.

● We would like the participation of students who are interested in this program.

Life Sciences Research Internship

ㆍResearch Period: June 30, 2014 ~ August 15, 2014

ㆍResearch Area: Life Sciences Faculty Office & Lab

ㆍEligibility: Junior and Senior students in Life Sciences (Sophomore students can apply an Internship with professor’s approval)

기간(Period) 학기(Semester) 비고(Remark)
단기(Short-term) 장기(Long-term) 장기(Long-term)
시간(Hours) 80 hours 160 hours 240 hours
학점(Credits) 1 credit 2 credits 3 credits Students can get 3 credits(maximum) if they work  very hard during their research internship

ㆍApplication Period: 10am on June 10(Tue), 2014 ~ 6pm on June 17 (Tue), 2014

ㆍHow to apply for an Internship: Students must contact an expecting research director before applying. Then, apply for the expecting research director on portal site – ERP menu.

* Students can see the result of their application on the portal site. [Application -> ‘Approval’]

※ You can see faculty research area in the “People” menu on Life Sciences Homepage.


※ Students submit the product (such as lab report, ppt file, etc.) to their professor and Administration Center – 2 (3606, before August 15th(FRI), 2014.

If you won’t finish your internship within summer session, please let me know before August 14th (THU), 2014.

※ If you have any further questions, please contact Administration Center 2. (3606)

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