Degree Requirement

Course Credit Mandatory course Publication Note
Master’s At least 28 (course credits:21, research credits:7) The Seminars: At least 2 credits Not required  
Doctoral At least 32 (course credits:12, research credits:20) The Seminars: At least 3 credits At least two international journals(SCI) which publish articles related to the doctoral dissertation as the first author. A significant, high impact publication as the first author endorsed by department academic committee.
Combined Master’s- Doctoral At least 54
(course credits:30, research credits:24)

Qualifying Exam Guidelines

When June, December
Times per year Twice per year (2014~)
How Coursework (When failed, oral or written test)
Subjects (required, elective) (1) Student must obtain an ‘A-‘ from at least 2 courses from department core subjects
(2) Oral Presentation or written test on the specific topic agreed by academic advisor for students who fail to meet guideline(1)
Standard for Pass Decided by examining committee members of oral or written test
Measures on Unsuccessful Students Q.E. should be passed within 3 years after being admitted. Students can apply for oral presentation or written test twice in total.
Standard for application Student submit a petition for oral presentation or written test to department academic affair committee
Note Student/Advisor must agree on core subject for Q.E.